These are a few of my favorite things: beer, crafting, being “green”
This project has it all! I just so happen to work at a great beer shop, Bottlecraft , right in my neighborhood and we happen to have plenty of canned beers. So for the last month I have been saving all the cans, luckily since we are a beer shop and tasting room, I didn’t have to drink all the beer myself. Not that I wouldn’t, but cutting sharp aluminum while heavily intoxicated is not the best idea. So here are the final product, reinbeer, which I have for sale on my etsy shop as well as in Bottlecraft!


More quilts

So I went over to our neighbors house for dinner the other night and she asked me a question that kind of took me by surprise, “have you sewn anything lately?”. So I thought about it and, no, I hadn’t sewn anything in MONTHS! Which I understand may not sound like that long for most people, but thats an eternity for me. So I decided that my sewing draught was officially over and began construction on a new quilt. I had made one for our bed a few months ago, but I wanted to make one to have on the couch for curling up and watching TV. We have no real color scheme in our living room right now besides having a lot of wood furniture and a gray wall. I decided greens and blues were going to be the pallet and then I wanted a gray back to the quilt.

So here is the finished couch quilt!

Front of the couch quilt

Back of the couch quilt

With the back of the quilt, I didn’t want it to be just one solid boring color, so I took the scraps from the sashes of patterns on the front and sewed them together to break up the gray. The quilts finished size is about 52″ x 62″ and is perfect for covering up while sitting on the couch.


After finishing this quilt, I still had a bunch of the fabric left and decided to make a smaller version of the quilt. I used green on the back instead of the gray and it is only about 49″ x 40″ finished size. Here is the remnant quilt so far, I still need to do the final quilting and binding.

Remnant quilt

Remnant Quilt

Remnant Quilt Back

Cross Stitching MADNESS

So my mother in law a few years ago got me into cross stitching. Its always been one of those things that is just something I can do mindlessly and took very little concentration. After taking a very long break from it, I recently decided that I wanted to get started again with it. Not really having a place in my house for an alphabet sampler or a cross stitched angel, I went searching for fun, modern cross stitch patterns that I could actually use! After very little searching, I found two great shops on Etsy that have some great patterns and kits. SewingSeed and Andwabisabi have super cute and really modern usable patterns. I recently purchased the chubby gnome pattern and have all sorts of ideas for him!

photo from SewingSeed on Etsy

photo from SewingSeed on Etsy

photo from andwabisabi on etsy

photo from andwabisabi on etsy

I also decided that I was going to try making my own creation. So I was searching online for something that would be fun to make and I came across a lot of pixel art projects, and from there, decided that the only logical thing to make on black cross stitch canvas would be PacMan! I’ve been using metallic thread, which I have a huge love for, but it is really making me cranky. It constantly gets knotted up and tangled, and is so difficult to thread on the needle. But its going to look RAD when it is done, so I can deal with the frustration. I think I might make a space invaders one too and put them next to each other in my sitting area.

The start of my PacMan cross stitch

The start of my PacMan cross stitch

Cross stitching is such an easy craft and requires very very little to get started. And with all of the fun patterns out there, it is really a craft you should get into. Already a cross stitcher? What are some of the things you use your cross stitching for?

CraftTastic Live with Andrea Currie

Yayy, I’m making my first guest appearance on a craft show tonight! It is a great crafty friend of mine, Andrea Currie, and she has a fantastic show that runs the gamut on crafts. Tonight I’m going to do a demo on making an accordion scrapbook, for the scrapbooker with a short attention span :)

The show starts tonight at 6pm pacific time and you can find it on or on her facebook page at

I’ll bring a great beer to enjoy while building my craft too :)

Modern Quilts

So as most of you can tell from my posts and photos, I really like to take classic crafts, but make them usable for me, which means that they have to look cool. I love mid century and danish modern, which is very much a simplistic and clean look, so I found a quilt pattern that I adore. Oh, Fransson! blog has some absolutely beautiful, clean, modern quilt patterns and even step by step instructions if you have never quilted before. I used her 12+2=Q quilt pattern, which in the tutorial, she used sheets for the front and back. While many quilters won’t use sheets for their quilts, and if you are going to get your quilt professionally quilted, they won’t touch it if you have, I think it is a very practical and inexpensive way to get a large solid section of color. Since I do the finishing quilting at home, I didn’t worry about it.

I had gotten a bunch of fat quarters at ¬†Joann a few years ago, and they have literally been collecting dust in my cabinet. I figured what better time than now to use them, and went and purchased a couple of sheets from Ikea for the front and back and got to town on my quilt. I actually screwed up putting the pieces together, when you cut all of the fat quarters down, you end up with 3″ ends to the pieces and I was keeping them to put on the back. Well, I used them on the front instead, because I forgot that was what they were for, so I ended up using the largest size panels on the back instead. Its still not complete, my machine had to be repaired in the middle of the project, but here it is all put together and most of the finishing quilting done to it. I can’t wait to start on my next one!

12+2=Q quilt

12+2=Q quilt

12+2=Q quilt back

12+2=Q quilt back